Heterodox origin of comics: calligrams, chronologies and maps

  title={Heterodox origin of comics: calligrams, chronologies and maps},
  author={Andrea Tosti},
  journal={Todas as Letras Revista de L{\'i}ngua e Literatura},
  • A. Tosti
  • Published 3 June 2019
  • Art
  • Todas as Letras Revista de Língua e Literatura
The history of the antecedents of the comics has often focused on those expressions (painting, caricature, literature etc.) that presented evident similarities with the medium in question. There are territories that remain little or totally unexplored and that may not only have contributed to give the comics the shape we know today but could still contribute to its constant modernity and launch it towards the challenge of multimedia. The heterodox antecedents chosen here are calligrams, maps… 
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