Heterodimeric GTPase core of the SRP targeting complex.

  title={Heterodimeric GTPase core of the SRP targeting complex.},
  author={Pamela J. Focia and Irina V Shepotinovskaya and James A Seidler and Douglas M. Freymann},
  volume={303 5656},
Two structurally homologous guanosine triphosphatase (GTPase) domains interact directly during signal recognition particle (SRP)-mediated cotranslational targeting of proteins to the membrane. The 2.05 angstrom structure of a complex of the NG GTPase domains of Ffh and FtsY reveals a remarkably symmetric heterodimer sequestering a composite active site that contains two bound nucleotides. The structure explains the coordinate activation of the two GTPases. Conformational changes coupled to… CONTINUE READING
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