Heteroconium and Pirozynskiella n. gen., with comments on conidium transseptation.

  title={Heteroconium and Pirozynskiella n. gen., with comments on conidium transseptation.},
  author={Simon J Hughes},
  volume={99 4},
Heteroconium citharexyli, the type species of this genus, is illustrated and redescribed as a sooty mold bearing acropetal chains of conidia showing a basifugal sequence of septation. Heteroconium neriifoliae, H. glutinosa and the Heteroconium synanamorph of Antennulariella concinna are congeneric. The latter species is neotypified, illustrated and described. Pirozynskiella new genus, typified by P. solaninum comb. nov. (-Helminthosporium solaninum), differs from Heteroconium in having an… CONTINUE READING

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