Heteroclinic bifurcation in a ratio-dependent predator-prey system.

  title={Heteroclinic bifurcation in a ratio-dependent predator-prey system.},
  author={Yilei Tang and Weinian Zhang},
  journal={Journal of mathematical biology},
  volume={50 6},
In this paper we study the heteroclinic bifurcation in a general ratio-dependent predator-prey system. Based on the results of heteroclinic loop obtained in [J. Math. Biol. 43(2001): 221-246], we give parametric conditions of the existence of the heteroclinic loop analytically and describe the heteroclinic bifurcation surface in the parameter space, so as to answer further the open problem raised in [J. Math. Biol. 42(2001): 489-506].