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Heterochromatic C-bands of chromosome 1 in ovarian cancer patients.

  title={Heterochromatic C-bands of chromosome 1 in ovarian cancer patients.},
  author={Horst Naujoks and Han Wei-l},
  journal={Cancer detection and prevention},
  volume={8 1-2},
Lymphocyte cultures of 13 patients with ovarian cancer and of seven controls have been used to investigate the C-band lengths of the homologs of chromosome 1. The measurements were performed with the semiautomatic image analysis system Leitz A.S.M. A more than 25% difference in size of the C-bands was more frequent in metaphases of the cancer group (43.8%) than in those of the control group (19.5%). In the cancer group smaller C-bands were found. Especially in the A2-chromosomes the C-bands… CONTINUE READING

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