Heschl’s Transverse Gyri: Anatomy and Morphological Variations

  title={Heschl’s Transverse Gyri: Anatomy and Morphological Variations},
  author={K. Karaali and G{\"u}neş Aytaç and U. Senol and M. Sindel},
Objective: Heschl’s gyrus is the primary auditory cortex in humans. It is located in the posterior part of the area on the superior surface of the temporal lobe, or the planum temporale. The number and shape of this gyrus may differ. In this study, we aimed to investigate the number and shape variations of the Heschl gyrus in normal subjects by using MRI. Material and Methods: Eighty hemispheres in 40 subjects were evaluated. Of these subjects, 18 were patients with headache, evaluated in our… Expand

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