Herschel and the Construction of the Heavens

  title={Herschel and the Construction of the Heavens},
  author={M. Hoskin},
Knowledge Discovery and the Aesthetics of Big Data: Simulating the Herschel Observatory
Abstract The authors, an astrophysics student and a humanities researcher, developed a simulation of William Herschel's visual experience during his observational runs, bringing to life archival dataExpand
English Literature, 1660-1800
The liminality of man: astronomy and the birth of anthropology in the eighteenth century
This essay argues that modern cultural anthropology is a product of earlymodern astronomical science. Analyzing a variety of texts from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth-centuries, this textExpand
Naked-Eye Sunspots
Humans have been looking at the Sun for millennia. Nevertheless, on most occasions one only manages to be dazzled. But there are some situations in which the intensity of the light of the SunExpand
Why Was the Companion of Sirius Not Seen Prior to 1862?
The prediction in 1844 by Friedrich W. Bessel of the existence of an unseen companion in orbit around the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, represents a milestone in what has since been calledExpand
Concepts of Philosophy
Knowledge and Belief
Perception and Ideas, Judgement


Stellar astronomy : historical studies
Herschel in Bedlam: Natural History and Stellar Astronomy
In his comprehensive survey of the work of William Herschel, published in the Annuaire du Bureau des Longitudes for 1842, Dominique Arago argued that the life of the great astronomer ‘had the rareExpand
William Herschel's Early Investigations of Nebulae: A Reassessment
137. Humason, op. cit. (ref. 126). 138. E. Hubble to W. de Sitter, 23 September 1931 (Huntington Library). Of course by 1931 de Sitter's model B had dropped completely from favour and Hubble couldExpand
“On the Power of Penetrating into Space”: The Telescopes of William Herschel
For a time in the early history of sidereal astronomy, before the advent of new techniques such as photography and spectroscopy, it seemed that progress would depend on the size of optically soundExpand
The Construction of the Heavens: Retrospect: William Herschel and the construction of the heavens
A stronomers need telescopes; they need to make use of the telescopes they have; and they need to further the science of astronomy by theorizing about what they have seen with their telescopes. TheExpand