Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+)

  title={Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+)},
  author={D. Lis and J. Pearson and D. Neufeld and P. Schilke and H. Muller and H. Gupta and T. Bell and C. Comito and T. Phillips and E. Bergin and C. Ceccarelli and P. Goldsmith and G. Blake and A. Bacmann and A. Baudry and M. Benedettini and A. Benz and J. Black and A. Boogert and S. Bottinelli and S. Cabrit and P. Caselli and A. Castets and E. Caux and J. Cernicharo and C. Codella and A. Coutens and N. Crimier and N. Crockett and F. Daniel and K. Demyk and C. Dominic and M. Dubernet and M. Emprechtinger and P. Encrenaz and E. Falgarone and A. Fuente and M. Gerin and T. Giesen and J. Goicoechea and F. Helmich and P. Hennebelle and T. Henning and E. Herbst and P. Hily-Blant and A. Hjalmarson and D. Hollenbach and T. Jack and C. Joblin and D. Johnstone and C. Kahane and M. Kama and M. Kaufman and A. Klotz and W. Langer and B. Larsson and J. L. Bourlot and B. Lefloch and F. Petit and D. Li and R. Liseau and S. Lord and A. Lorenzani and S. Maret and P. Martin and G. Melnick and K. Menten and P. Morris and J. A. Murphy and Z. Nagy and B. Nisini and V. Ossenkopf and S. Pacheco and L. Pagani and B. Parise and M. P'erault and R. Plume and S. Qin and E. Roueff and M. Salez and A. Sandqvist and P. Saraceno and S. Schlemmer and K. Schuster and R. Snell and J. Stutzki and A. Tielens and N. Trappe and F. D. Tak and M. Wiel and E. Dishoeck and C. Vastel and S. Viti and V. Wakelam and A. Walters and S. Wang and F. Wyrowski and H. Yorke and S. Yu and J. Zmuidzinas and Y. Delorme and J. Desbat and R. Gusten and J. Krieg and B. Delforge},
  journal={Astronomy and Astrophysics},
We report the first detection of chloronium, H2Cl+, in the interstellar medium, using the HIFI instrument aboard the Herschel Space Observatory. The 212-101 lines of ortho-H_235Cl+ and ortho-H_237Cl+ are detected in absorption towards NGC 6334I, and the 111-000 transition of para-H_235Cl+ is detected in absorption towards NGC 6334I and Sgr B2(S). The H2Cl+ column densities are compared to those of the chemically-related species HCl. The derived HCl/H2Cl+ column density ratios, ~1-10, are within… Expand

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  • T. de Graauw, E. Caux, +9 authors K. Wildeman
  • Physics
  • Infrared and Millimeter Waves, Conference Digest of the 2004 Joint 29th International Conference on 2004 and 12th International Conference on Terahertz Electronics, 2004.
  • 2004