Herpesvirus dermatitis in two cats without facial lesions.

  title={Herpesvirus dermatitis in two cats without facial lesions.},
  author={Melissa D S{\'a}nchez and Michael H. Goldschmidt and Elizabeth A. Mauldin},
  journal={Veterinary dermatology},
  volume={23 2},
  pages={171-3, e35}
BACKGROUND Cats with feline herpesvirus (FeHV-1)-associated dermatitis typically present with ulcerative lesions on the rostral muzzle and nasal planum. This report describes FeHV-1 dermatitis in the flank region, in the absence of facial lesions. HYPOTHESIS/OBJECTIVES Clinicians should be aware of this unusual manifestation of FeHV-1 dermatitis to… CONTINUE READING