Herpes simplex retinitis.

  title={Herpes simplex retinitis.},
  author={Gerhard W. Cibis and John T. Flynn and Elizabeth B. Davis},
  journal={Archives of ophthalmology},
  volume={96 2},
Fatal encephalitis with accompanying retinitis developed in a previously healthy 18-month-old infant. Clinically the disease appeared as whitish-yellow punctate lesions, perivascular cuffing, and hemorrhage. The antibody titer to herpes simplex rose from 1:8 on the day of admission to 1:256 on the day of death. Postmortem, intranuclear inclusion bodies that were typical of those found with herpesvirus were seen in the brain and retina. Viral particles consistent with those of herpesvirus were… CONTINUE READING

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