Herpes simplex encephalitis. Clinical Assessment.

  title={Herpes simplex encephalitis. Clinical Assessment.},
  author={Richard J. Whitley and S. J. Soong and C C Linneman and Changnian Liu and G J Pazin and C. Alford},
  volume={247 3},
Continuing evaluations of antiviral agents for treatment of herpes simplex encephalitis (HSE) provided an opportunity to collect clinical data from 113 patients in whom the diagnosis was proved by viral isolation. Occurrence of HSE was in all ages and in both sexes and was nonseasonal. Characteristically, patients had behavioral changes, fever, confusion, speech disturbances, and, less frequently, seizures. The EEG was the most useful neurodiagnostic aid followed by technetium and computed… CONTINUE READING
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