Heroin addiction as a family phenomenon: a new conceptual model.

  title={Heroin addiction as a family phenomenon: a new conceptual model.},
  author={Margaret Stanton and T C Todd and D B Heard and Stephan Kirschner and Jan Kleiman and D T Mowatt and Patrick A Riley and S Mark Scott and Jeff Van Deusen},
  journal={The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse},
  volume={5 2},
The chronic relapsing nature of heroin addiction can be explained from a family systems viewpoint. The addiction cycle is part of a family pattern involving a complex homeostatic system of interlocking feedback mechanisms. These serve to maintain the addiction and consequently the overall family stability. Drug-taking usually starts at adolescence. It is related to an intense fear of separation experienced by the family in response to the addict's attempts at individuation. The family becomes… CONTINUE READING

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