Herodotus and the Vulnerability Ethic in Ancient Greece

  title={Herodotus and the Vulnerability Ethic in Ancient Greece},
  author={Peter J. Aicher},
  journal={Arion: A Journal of the Humanities and the Classics},
  pages={55 - 99}
  • P. Aicher
  • Published 1 January 2022
  • Philosophy
  • Arion: A Journal of the Humanities and the Classics
Herodotus was a narrative pioneer, and his literary trek begins with the story of Croesus. More legend than history, the Croesus Logos, as it’s sometimes called in the literature, draws the reader in with its concentrated drama of family ambition, riddling oracles, prophetic irony, and the fated tumble of its hero. The aim of my essay is to explore some important dimensions of this story that have been overlooked in Herodotean scholarship and in prevailing accounts of Greek ethical thought… 
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