Hero of Alexandria's Mechanical Geometry

  title={Hero of Alexandria's Mechanical Geometry},
  author={Karin Tybjerg},
  pages={29 - 56}
Greek mathematics is often identified with the achievements of a rather select group of Hellenistic authors, most notably Euclid, Archimedes and Apollonius. In these authors we find a highly sophisticated form of mathematics and fully developed practices of deductive demonstration and it is the works of these authors and their predecessors that have received the majority of attention in the scholarship. Other forms of mathematics, such as the mathematics employed by professionals or… 
What’s Location Got to Do with It? Place, Space, and the Infinite in Classical Greek Mathematics
Here is a basic question: how much philosophy of mathematics can one pull out of Greek mathematical texts? Obviously, this depends on what we are taking as philosophy of mathematics. We can describe
Mathematical traditions in Ancient Greece and Rome
There were different ways of doing mathematics in the ancient Greek and Roman world. This essay will explore historiographical approaches to this diversity, from the claim that there were different
Exploring ancient Greek and Roman numeracy
This article outlines the general aims of my current research on numeracy in ancient Greece and Rome. I survey the available evidence, which is both textual and archaeological, and briefly discuss
Ideology, inquiry, and antiquity: a critical notice of Lloyd's The Ideals of Inquiry: An Ancient History
A discussion of Lloyd's Tarner Lectures at Trinity College. The importance of Lloyd's previous scholarship is characterized and these sweeping, erudite lectures are placed in the context of that
Research on Ancient Greek Mathematical Sciences, 1998-2012
This survey deals with research in ancient Greek mathematics and, to a lesser extent, mathematical sciences in the long first decade of the 21st century. It is modeled on the two foregoing surveys by
Shaping the Empire : agrimensores, emperors and the creation of the Roman provincial identities
From the time of Augustus, the Roman agrimensores or land surveyors provided an important connection between those who administrated the Empire on the one hand, and the territories and peoples they
Greek Mathematics
  • N. Sidoli
  • Mathematics
    The Cambridge History of Science
  • 2018


The Works of Archimedes
THIS is a companion volume to Dr. T. L. Heath's valuable edition of the “Treatise on Conic Sections” by Apollonius of Perga, and the same patience, learning and skill which have turned the latter
The Forgotten Revolution: How Science Was Born in 300 BC and Why it Had to Be Reborn
Introduction.- 1 The Birth of Science. The Erasure of the Scientific Revolution. On the Word 'Hellenistic'. Science. Was There Science in Classical Greece? Origins of Hellenistic Science.- 2
A History of Greek Mathematics
WERE this book only for the mathematician it would be no book for me; but it is a great deal more. It is for all who care for the historical aspect of science; it is for all lovers of Greek, for
The exact sciences in antiquity.
  • O. Neugebauer
  • Physics
    Acta historica scientiarum naturalium et medicinalium
  • 1951
The origin of the history of science in classical readings questions for discussion iup personal websites read about drew brees trupin the source of the materiality of time in antiquity materiale textkulturen.
The Shaping of Deduction in Greek Mathematics: A Study in Cognitive History
Introduction: a specimen of Greek mathematics 1. The lettered diagram 2. The pragmatics of letters 3. The mathematical lexicon 4. Formulae 5. The shaping of necessity 6. The shaping of generality 7.
Euclide et Héron : Deux approches de l'enseignement des mathématiques dans l'Antiquité ?
Dans cet article je compare la structure deductive des textes geometriques classiques avec la structure algorihtmique que nous trouvons dans les Metrques de Heron et les Geometrica pseudo heroniens.
Greek geometrical analysis
L'analyse geometrique fondee sur l'interpretation de Pappus est decrite afin d'elucider la structure et la logique de la geometrie grecque
The Transformation of Mathematics in the Early Mediterranean World: From Problems to Equations
Acknowledgements Introduction 1. The problem in the world of Archimedes 2. From Archimedes to Eutocius 3. From Archimedes to Khayyam Conclusion References Index.
The Ancient Tradition of Geometric Problems