Hermitian K-theory, derived equivalences and Karoubi's fundamental theorem

  title={Hermitian K-theory, derived equivalences and Karoubi's fundamental theorem},
  author={Marco Schlichting},
  journal={Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra},
  • M. Schlichting
  • Published 5 September 2012
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
Hermitian K-theory for stable $\infty$-categories III: Grothendieck-Witt groups of rings
We establish a fibre sequence relating the classical Grothendieck-Witt theory of a ring $R$ to the homotopy $\mathrm{C}_2$-orbits of its K-theory and Ranicki's original (non-periodic) symmetric
Hermitian K-theory for stable $\infty$-categories I: Foundations
This paper is the first in a series in which we offer a new framework for hermitian K-theory in the realm of stable $\infty$-categories. Our perspective yields solutions to a variety of classical
The projective bundle formula for grothendieck-witt spectra
On the Relation of Symplectic Algebraic Cobordism to Hermitian K-Theory
  • I. Panin, C. Walter
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics
  • 2019
We reconstruct hermitian K-theory via algebraic symplectic cobordism. In the motivic stable homotopy category SH(S) there is a unique morphism g : MSp -> BO of commutative ring T- spectra which sends
The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes
We answer a question of Hoyois–Jelisiejew–Nardin–Yakerson regarding framed models of motivic connective K-theory spectra over Dedekind schemes. That is, we show that the framed suspension spectrum of
Algebraic K-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of monoid schemes
We study the algebraic $K$-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of proto-exact categories of vector bundles over monoid schemes. Our main results are the complete description of the algebraic
Group completion in the K-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of proto-exact categories.
We study the algebraic $K$-theory and Grothendieck-Witt theory of proto-exact categories, with a particular focus on classes of examples of $\mathbb{F}_1$-linear nature. Our main results are
Classifying Leavitt path algebras up to involution preserving homotopy
We prove that the Bowen-Franks group classifies the Leavitt path algebras of purely infinite simple finite graphs over a regular supercoherent commutative ring with involution where 2 is invertible,


Negative K-theory of derived categories
We define negative K-groups for exact categories and for ``derived categories'' in the framework of Frobenius pairs, generalizing definitions of Bass, Karoubi, Carter, Pedersen-Weibel and Thomason.
Higher Algebraic K-Theory of Schemes and of Derived Categories
In this paper we prove a localization theorem for the K-theory of commutative rings and of schemes, Theorem 7.4, relating the K-groups of a scheme, of an open subscheme, and of the category of those
The Mayer-Vietoris principle for Grothendieck-Witt groups of schemes
We prove localization and Zariski-Mayer-Vietoris for higher Gro-thendieck-Witt groups, alias hermitian K-groups, of schemes admitting an ample family of line-bundles. No assumption on the
A 1 -representability of hermitian K-theory and Witt groups
Chow-Witt groups and Grothendieck-Witt groups of regular schemes
Hermitian K-theory on a Theorem of Giffen
Let E be an exact category with duality. In [1] a category WðEÞ was introduced and the authors asserted that the loop space of the topological realization of WðEÞ is homotopy equivalent to Karoubi’s
Products and duality in Waldhausen categories
The natural transformationE from L-theory to the Tate cohomol- ogy of Z/2 acting on K-theory commutes with external products. Corollary: The Tate cohomology of Z/2 acting on the K-theory of any ring