Hermitian Analyticity and Extended Unitarity inS-Matrix Theory

  title={Hermitian Analyticity and Extended Unitarity inS-Matrix Theory},
  author={J. Boyling},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)},
  • J. Boyling
  • Published 1964
  • Physics
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1955-1965)
  • SummaryIt is shown that the apparent contradiction between Olive’s method of proof of hermitian analyticity and the existence of anomalous thresholds disappears on a closer examination of the singularity structure of multiparticle amplitudes. By making use of the hierarchy property of the Stapp-Polkinghorne singularity structure implied by maximal analyticity, hermitian analyticity and extended unitarity are proved for a scattering amplitude exhibiting anomalous threshold behaviour and for an… CONTINUE READING
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