Hermite Interpolation of Implicit Surfaces with Radial Basis Functions

  title={Hermite Interpolation of Implicit Surfaces with Radial Basis Functions},
  author={Ives Macedo and Joao Paulo Gois and Luiz Velho},
  journal={2009 XXII Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing},
We present the Hermite radial basis function (HRBF) implicits method to compute a global implicit function which interpolates scattered multivariate Hermite data (unstructured points and their corresponding normals). Differently from previous radial basis functions (RBF) approaches, HRBF implicits do not depend on offset points to ensure existence and uniqueness of its interpolant. Intrinsic properties of this method allow the computation of implicit surfaces rich in details, with irregularly… CONTINUE READING
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