Hermeneutic heresy: Rey Chow on translation in theory and the ‘fable’ of culture

  title={Hermeneutic heresy: Rey Chow on translation in theory and the ‘fable’ of culture},
  author={James A. Steintrager},
  journal={Postcolonial Studies},
  pages={289 - 302}
Translation is a topic that seems to come and go with regularity on the literary theory scene. It has most recently enjoyed a vogue among comparatists, who have positioned translation as a way to renew—yet again—their discipline (see, for example, Emily Apter's The Translation Zone). Translation has also been discussed in the context of feminism, deconstruction, and postcolonial studies. With respect to the last grouping, the writings of Niranjana, Spivak, and Chow stand out. In this essay, I… Expand
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