Herman hollerith: data processing pioneer

  title={Herman hollerith: data processing pioneer},
  author={Jean Blodgett and Claire K. Schultz},
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A chronological sketch of Herman Hollerith's (1860–1929) personal life, inventions and business activities has been abstracted from a Drexel Institute Master's thesis which covers these subjects comprehensively. Two of the more important contentions supported by the thesis and mentioned here are that Dr. John Shaw Billings had little to do with the invention of the Hollerith system, and that, contrary to rumor, Hollerith was a successful business man who pioneered in the marketing of punched… 
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An Annotated Bibliography on the Origins of Digital Computers

  • B. Randell
  • Computer Science
    Annals of the History of Computing
  • 1979
The bibliography contains nearly 750 annotated and indexed citations to papers, books, and other items relating to the origins of the modern electronic computer. The topics covered range from early

Linked Data Visualization: Techniques, Tools, and Big Data

This paper presents a meta-modelling architecture that automates the very labor-intensive and therefore time-heavy and expensive process of manually cataloging and cataloging individual pieces of data to create a graph of their contents.