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  title={Heritage Foundation},
  journal={B-Model Gromov-Witten Theory},
  • Published 2019
  • Sociology
  • B-Model Gromov-Witten Theory
Teaching Methodology and Performance of Private and Government School Teachers: A Comparative Analysis
The study tries to seek the teaching methodology between private and government schools by using mediating variable that put influence directly on overall performance of both the sectors. In this
A Cross-Sectional Data Analysis on the Different Economic Determinants of Corruption in the Asia-Pacific Region in the Year 2018
Corruption is a prevalent issue that leads to different detrimental effects on a country’s society, economy, and overall image. Given that this problem hinders a nation's ability to develop and grow,
Strategic decision making and influence of economic freedoms on foreign direct investment (FDI) in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Decision making on foreign direct investment (FDI) is a strategic decision for the country, the company, but also the individual, which is strategic. Where to invest, how and when, certainly depends
  • A. Rahman
  • Economics
    The Unchanging Truth of God? Crucial Philosophical Issues for Theology
  • 2022
This study reinvestigates the relationship between e-government and corruption taking into account some potential methodological problems encountered in multivariate regression models based on the
Facing US Extraterritorial Pressure: American Troops in Foreign Courts during the Cold War
  • A. Efrat
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Politics
  • 2022
The United States often applies its laws to conduct or persons in foreign countries. How do these countries respond to US extraterritorial pressure? This study examines a central case of
Development Derailed: Policy Uncertainty and Coordinated Investment
We quantify the sensitivity of investments to policy uncertainty by drawing on the Northern Pacific’s massive land grant and the ensuing political battle that generated significant uncertainty to
The Alliance for European Integration and the Transnistrian Conflict Settlement
The Alliance for European Integration and the Transnistrian Conflict SettlementThis article examines the policy of the Alliance for European Integration – the coalition in power in Moldova since
The Price of Protection: Explaining Success and Failure of US Alliance Burden-Sharing Pressure
Abstract Existing scholarship on alliance burden sharing focuses on explaining why smaller allies often undercontribute relative to their larger partners. However, the literature largely neglects the
The Impact of Renewable Energy, Urbanization, and Environmental Sustainability Ratings on the Environmental Kuznets Curve and the Pollution Haven Hypothesis
The impacts of renewable energy adoption and environmental sustainability ratings on the validity of the environmental Kuznets curve and the pollution haven hypothesis are examined using annual
  • W. SuYi Fan
  • Economics, Business
    E+M Ekonomie a Management
  • 2021
This study explores the relationship between income tax preference and R&D investments of high-tech enterprises. This study selects listed high-tech enterprises in China from 2013 to 2018 as samples.