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Heritage: Critical Approaches

  title={Heritage: Critical Approaches},
  author={Rodney Harrison},
Historic sites, memorials, national parks, museums... We live in an age in which heritage is ever-present. But what does it mean to live amongst the spectral traces of the past, the heterogeneous piling up of historic materials in the present? How did heritage grow from the concern of a handful of enthusiasts and specialists in one part of the world to something which is considered to be universally cherished? And what concepts and approaches are necessary to understanding this global obsession… Expand
Imagining a new future for cultural landscapes
The 1992 adoption of 'cultural landscape' as an additional type of recognition on the World Heritage List was supposed to be a ground-breaking moment for heritage management in Australia and NewExpand
What Can We Weave? Authority, Reconstructing, and Negotiating Heritages Through Archaeological Open-Air Museums
  • Paul Edward Montgomery Ramírez
  • Political Science
  • 2020
The construction of heritage is an ongoing process, with numerous voices involved in it. Physical remains of the past frequently—though not always—play a significant role as focal points thatExpand
The new heritage studies : origins and evolution, problems and prospects
Over the last three decades, community and professional views of what constitutes significant cultural heritage have broadened in many countries around the world. Heritage practice has moved from aExpand
Heritage and scale: settings, boundaries and relations
While recent years have seen increasing interest in the geographies of heritage, very few scholars have interrogated the difference that scale makes. Indeed, in a world in which the nation stateExpand
Linking Heritage, Culture and Development
The thesis departs from the statement that heritage is an issue of interest and concern throughout much of the world and that culture, of which heritage is a domain, has come to be increasinglyExpand
Exploring the narrative of heritage through the eyes of the law
The need to protect and safeguard the world's heritage has emerged as a concern for the international community as the deterioration, damage and destruction of both tangible and intangible heritagesExpand
What of Heritage in a Mobile World? Negotiating Heritage/Tourism/Community in Luang Prabang, Laos
There is an odd “conjuring trick” at work when we think of heritage, especially in its Western manifestations. Whether it is a building, a museum display, or a landscape we think of these as thingsExpand
Understanding Cultural Heritage: Multiplicity and Contestations in Chamba Town in the Western Himalayas
The idea of heritage is not new; originating in the West in the nineteenth century, it travelled in the world through colonial policy. However, heritage or world heritage, as it is known today, wasExpand
Protecting the protected : World Heritage Sites and collections : defining, recognising and protecting Outstanding Universal Value in its entirety
World Heritage protection has been subject to social influences and therefore displays differences in philosophical thought and variations in perspectives which have been built over many decades. TheExpand
Towards World Heritage: International Origins of the Preservation Movement, 1870–1930
Melanie Hall has brought together in this volume an excellent group of scholars, each of whom has contributed purposeful essays on international origins of the theory and practice of heritageExpand