Heritability and genetic basis of protein level variation in an outbred population.

  title={Heritability and genetic basis of protein level variation in an outbred population.},
  author={Leopold Parts and Yi-Chun Liu and Manu M. Tekkedil and Lars M. Steinmetz and Amy A. Caudy and Andrew G. Fraser and Charles Boone and Brenda J. Andrews and Adam P. Rosebrock},
  journal={Genome research},
  volume={24 8},
The genetic basis of heritable traits has been studied for decades. Although recent mapping efforts have elucidated genetic determinants of transcript levels, mapping of protein abundance has lagged. Here, we analyze levels of 4084 GFP-tagged yeast proteins in the progeny of a cross between a laboratory and a wild strain using flow cytometry and high-content microscopy. The genotype of trans variants contributed little to protein level variation between individual cells but explained >50% of… CONTINUE READING

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