Hereditary motor sensory neuropathies in childhood.

  title={Hereditary motor sensory neuropathies in childhood.},
  author={L. N. Rossi and Juerg Luetschg and Claus Meier and Franco Vassella},
  journal={Developmental medicine and child neurology},
  volume={25 1},
Clinical data on 24 patients with hereditary motor sensory neuropathies, with onset in the paediatric period, and of their relatives, is reported. Electrophysiological studies were done in all patients and in 15 relatives. The patients were divided into two groups (Types I and II) and their hereditary trait was determined. In 11 patients a sural nerve biopsy was performed and revealed different patterns of histological alterations. The nerve biopsy always confirmed the value of conduction… CONTINUE READING