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Herederos de Alciato en Holanda y España: Adriano Junio (Emblemata, 1565) y Juan de Solórzano Pereira (Emblemata centum regio politica, 1653)

  title={Herederos de Alciato en Holanda y Espa{\~n}a: Adriano Junio (Emblemata, 1565) y Juan de Sol{\'o}rzano Pereira (Emblemata centum regio politica, 1653)},
  author={B. Mart{\'i}nez and Chris Heesakkers},
This article analyses the specific character of two emblem books published by two authors living at a great spatial and temporal distance, the Dutch physician and philologist Hadrianus Junius and the Spanish lawyer and historian Juan de Solorzano. A comparison of their works reveals the extensive use the Spanish scholar made of the Dutchman's book. Solorzano's voluminous Emblemata centum deserves, therefore, a place of honour in the history of both the reception of Junius' emblem book and of… Expand
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