Here be monsters: a choreomaniac's companion to the danse macabre

  title={Here be monsters: a choreomaniac's companion to the danse macabre},
  author={Line Henriksen},
  journal={Women \& Performance: a journal of feminist theory},
  pages={414 - 423}
  • Line Henriksen
  • Published 1 November 2013
  • Art
  • Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory
Consider this a vade mecum: an invitation to “walk with me” through more or less uncanny terrains of worlds in the making in search, of(f) course, of monsters. The search will be delving into the areas of “creepypasta:” pieces of cursed prose and pictures that circulate online, waiting to contaminate and possess the next reader. Using a theoretical framework of posthuman and feminist theory, not least the work done by Jacques Derrida and Donna Haraway, this vade mecum asks what it might mean to… Expand
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Table of Contents 01 Towards „ a New Province of Humanity “ !-Introduction
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Where be “Here be Dragons”? – Ubi sunt “Hic sunt dracones”? http://www
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