Herculaneum victims of Vesuvius in ad 79

  title={Herculaneum victims of Vesuvius in ad 79},
  author={Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo and Pier Paolo Petrone and Mario Pagano and Alberto Incoronato and Peter J. Baxter and Antonio Canzanella and Luciano Fattore},
The town of Herculaneum, lying at the foot of Mount Vesuvius on a cliff overlooking the sea, was buried by a succession of pyroclastic surges and flows (currents of volcanic ash and hot gases generated by collapse of the eruptive column) during the plinian eruption of ad 79. The skeletons of 80 of 300 people who had taken refuge in 12 boat chambers along the beach have now been unearthed from the first surge deposit. We have investigated how these people were killed by this surge, despite being… CONTINUE READING

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