Herbicides in Alberta Rainfall as Affected by Location, Use and Season: 1999 to 2000

  title={Herbicides in Alberta Rainfall as Affected by Location, Use and Season: 1999 to 2000},
  author={B. D. Hill and K. Harker and P. Hasselback and D. Inaba and S. D. Byers and J. Moyer},
  journal={Water Quality Research Journal of Canada},
A study of herbicides in Alberta rainfall was conducted at 17 locations in 1999 and 18 locations in 2000. Rainfall samples (bulk deposition) were collected using a funnel and glass bottle at weekly to biweekly intervals from April to September. Samples were analyzed for 13 herbicides in 1999 and 19 herbicides in 2000 using a MSD-GC method. Herbicides were detected in the rainfall on most sample dates at every location. The herbicides detected in the highest amounts (in order) were: 2,4-D, MCPA… Expand
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