Herbert's pits and lid concretions: An important association


A prospective study of 2,000 eyes of 1,000 consecutive unselected ophthalmic outpatients showed that Herbert's pits and superior tarsal conjunctival concretions are significantly associated conditions. Fifty per cent of eyes with Herbert's pits were found to have superior tarsal conjunctival concretions, compared with four per cent of eyes without Herbert's pits. Furthermore, a strong correlation between the degree of Herbert's pits and the degree of development of concretions was demonstrated.

DOI: 10.1038/eye.1988.95

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@article{Chumbley1988HerbertsPA, title={Herbert's pits and lid concretions: An important association}, author={L. C. Chumbley}, journal={Eye}, year={1988}, volume={2}, pages={476-477} }