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Herbert A. Simon: Administrative Behavior -how Organizations Can Be Understood in Terms of Decision Processes

  title={Herbert A. Simon: Administrative Behavior -how Organizations Can Be Understood in Terms of Decision Processes},
  author={Jesper Simonsen},

Parliamentary babelism and the future of democracy in disasters: The case of Zimbabwe

  • Albert Maipisi
  • Political Science
    Proceedings of The 4th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • 2021
Disasters are a good test for global operationalisability of the concept and practice of democracy as well as the relationship between state institutions and the constituency. During moments


The study presents the definitions of innovation and organizational culture and seeks to identify, in national and international literature, the main characteristics, factors and dimensions of

The role of informal competition in driving export propensity of emerging economy firms

Competitive pressure from informal firms has always been a threat to the formal enterprises. However, the strategic choices a firm makes to deal with such competitive pressures still remain

Herbert Simon : pour un bilan raisonné du cognitivisme

  • P. Lorino
  • Philosophy
    Projectics / Proyéctica / Projectique
  • 2019
Herbert Simon, par sa critique du rationalisme simpliste sous-jacent au mainstream economique et aux approches fonctionnalistes ou tayloriennes de la gestion, a ouvert la voie a une science

Dinamika Perkembangan Model E-Government

Program komputer digunakan sebagai faktor pendukung efektivitas, efisiensi, dan produktivitas administrasi sebelum penemuan internet dan semakin banyak pemakaian komputer personal. Namun demikian,

Policies supporting informal caregivers across Canada: a scoping review protocol

This review aims to identify the diversity of Canadian national, provincial and territorial policies supporting informal caregivers to develop an online, free-access evidence repository that catalogues the full range of Canada’s English language informal care support policies.

Individual Characteristic and Work Place Condition Toward Job Statisfaction of Health Worker in Aceh Indonesia

One of factors that determines the product quality is a person who work with full of dedication and has high profesionalism. The objective study is to find out the relation of individual