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Herbal Drugs: Ethnomedicine to Modern Medicine - ReadingSample

  title={Herbal Drugs: Ethnomedicine to Modern Medicine - ReadingSample},
  author={S. Balachandra Dass and Meeta Mathur},
The therapeutic use of herbs is as old as human civilization and has evolved along with it. The vast majority of people on this planet still rely on their indigenous system of medicine and use herbal drugs. The Indian and Chinese systems of medicine are well established with written records going back around 3000 years. Medicinal plant drug discovery continues to provide new and important leads against various pharmacological targets including cancer, malaria, cardiovascular diseases and… 



The Indian Herbal Drugs Scenario in Global Perspectives

Information is provided on Indian herbal drug biodiversity, supply and demand, use of herbal drugs in the pharmaceutical industry and quality control methods required for the modern drug industry.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Chinese Herbal Drug Industry

This chapter provides a review of the current status of the Chinese herbal drug industry, including challenges and opportunities, specifically with regard to modernization and globalization of TCM.

Industrial Strategies for the Discovery of Bioactive Compounds from Plants

Natural products, including those from plant sources, are now being used as a general source of chemical diversity, which may well complement the chemical structures amenable to total organic synthesis.

Fundamentals of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy

Part A: Fundamentals of Pharmacology: Phytotherapy and Pharmacognosy shows importance in modern pharmacy and medicine and important natural products and Phytomedicines used in Pharmacy and Medicine.

Revision of the 'Guidelines on the conservation of medicinal plants' by WHO, IUCN, WWF and TRAFFIC: process and scope

  • W. Kathe
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • 2006
The Guidelines will help to develop management action at different levels of the supply chain, from harvesters and farmers to traders and the herbal-medicine industry, and enter the agreement process of the four coordinating agencies, which is hoped to be completed in early 2006.

Natural Products and Drug Discovery through a Network of Partnerships

We present here relevant result obtained from a network of collaborations. Malaria programme ranging from screening to investigation of mechanism of action has been conducted in collaboration with

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants

The encyclopedia of medicinal plants is an attempt to catalogue and describe the phytochemical properties of cannabis and its applications in medicine and herbal formulations.

Biochemistry of plant secondary metabolism.

The biochemistry, role and biotechnology of secondary metabolites, and chemo-taxonomy in relation to molecular phylogeny of plants, are studied.

Dictionary of natural products

This introduction screen gives access to ( a) a general introduction to the scope and content of DNP on CD-ROM, followed by ( ) an extensive review of the different types of natural product and the

Secondary metabolites in nature. In: Ramawat KG, Merillon JM (eds) Biotechnology: Secondary Metabolites

  • Science Publishers,
  • 2007