Heralded Spectroscopy Reveals Exciton–Exciton Correlations in Single Colloidal Quantum Dots

  title={Heralded Spectroscopy Reveals Exciton–Exciton Correlations in Single Colloidal Quantum Dots},
  author={Gur Lubin and Ron Tenne and Arin Can Ulku and Ivan Michel Antolovi{\'c} and Samuel Burri and Sean Karg and Venkata Jayasurya Yallapragada and Claudio E. Bruschini and Edoardo Charbon and Dan Oron},
  journal={Nano Letters},
  pages={6756 - 6763}
Multiply excited states in semiconductor quantum dots feature intriguing physics and play a crucial role in nanocrystal-based technologies. While photoluminescence provides a natural probe to investigate these states, room-temperature single-particle spectroscopy of their emission has proved elusive due to the temporal and spectral overlap with emission from the singly excited and charged states. Here, we introduce biexciton heralded spectroscopy enabled by a single-photon avalanche diode array… Expand
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  • V. Klimov
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Annual review of physical chemistry
  • 2007
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