Heptadecenoic acid as an internal standard in the gas chromatographic weight determination of fatty acids.

  title={Heptadecenoic acid as an internal standard in the gas chromatographic weight determination of fatty acids.},
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Preparation of heptadecenoic acid fromCandida tropicallis yeast
In this paper a method is described for preparing 10 g or more of heptadecenoic acid (C17:1ω8) of 99 p.100 purity fromCandida tripicallis yeast. Three cycles of treatment, based on crystallization
Optimization of Prochlorothrix hollandica cyanobacteria culturing for obtaining myristoleic acid
The process of intensive culturing for P. hollandica cells to yield a maximal biomass in order to isolate the pure drug of myristoleic acid derivative has been optimized and the use of a threestage purification gives 30 mg of chromatographically pure myristoic acid methyl ester.
Quantitative content of total polar lipids in soybean seeds
The exhaustive stepwise extraction of soybean seeds was performed in a specially designed apparatus by a solvent system containing chloroform, methanol, water, mineral acid, and antioxidant in an inert atmosphere to demonstrate the high yield of total lipids and determination of constituent groups of these compounds.
The Effect of Seasonal Shifts in Temperature on the Lipid Composition of Marine Macrophytes
The seasonal changes of lipid composition were apparently related to macrophyte adaptation to water temperature and to biology of their development.


The normal C17 fatty acids of musk-ox fat.
A sample of body fat of the Canadian musk ox (Ovibosmoschatus subsp.) was converted to methyl esters and distilled. The fraction containing esters of C17 acids was crystallized fractionally at low
Evaluation of the internal standard method for the quantitative estimation of oil polymer content by gas chromatography
The use of an internal standard to quantitatively estimate the polymer content of fatty acid ester samples has been described and evaluated. Standard samples of known composition have been prepared
Isolation of Δ9 Heptadecenoic Acid from Lamb Caul Fat
APART from the fats of dolphins and porpoises, which contain considerable proportions of isovaleric acid, it has been customary to regard animal fats as consisting of triglycerides of straight-chain
Determination of triglyceride structure via silver nitrate-TLC
The results indicate that the fatty acids of natural fats are not distributed among the triglycerides in accordance with any simple mathematical formula and methods based on mathematical distribution patterns cannot be generally applied.
Quantitative determination of phosphorus in soybean lipids.
Black and Hammond's method for determining lipid phosphorus has been modified for use with oils containing small amounts of phosphorus. The minimum amount of P that can be determined is 3 nmoles,
Die quantitative Auswertung von Gas‐Chromatogrammen V: Über die Zuverlässigkeit der Ergebnisse
Die quantitativen Ergebnisse gas-chromatographischer Analysen konnen durch verschiedene, versuchsabhangige Fehlerquellen verfalscht werden. Neben unzulanglicher Arbeitsweise wurde eine nur partielle