Hepatotoxicity of sub-nanosized platinum particles in mice.

  title={Hepatotoxicity of sub-nanosized platinum particles in mice.},
  author={Yoshiaki Yamagishi and Akihiro Watari and Yuya Hayata and Xianhui Li and Masuo Kondoh and Yasuo M Tsutsumi and Kiyohito Yagi},
  journal={Die Pharmazie},
  volume={68 3},
Nano-sized materials are widely used in consumer products, medical devices and engineered pharmaceuticals. Advances in nanotechnology have resulted in materials smaller than the nanoscale, but the biologic safety of the sub-nanosized materials has not been fully assessed. In this study, we evaluated the toxic effects of sub-nanosized platinum particles (snPt) in the mouse liver. After intravenous administration of snPt (15 mg/kg body weight) into mice, histological analysis revealed acute… CONTINUE READING
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