Hepatorenal reflex regulating kidney function.

  title={Hepatorenal reflex regulating kidney function.},
  author={Florian Lang and Edda M. Tschernko and E Schulze and I Ottl and Michael Ritter and Harald V{\"o}lkl and Christian Hallbrucker and Dieter H{\"a}ussinger},
  volume={14 4 Pt 1},
In anesthetized male rats, infusion of glutamine (2 mumol/min) into the superior mesenteric vein at a rate known to induce liver cell swelling leads to marked decreases in renal glomerular filtration rate, renal para-aminohippurate clearance and urinary flow rate. Glutamine infused at identical rates into the jugular vein does not elicit any of these effects. The effect of glutamine is mimicked by serine but not by glutamate. Spinal transection, renal denervation or section of the vagal hepatic… CONTINUE READING
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