Hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension: what's new?

  title={Hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension: what's new?},
  author={Isabelle O Colle and Christophe Van Steenkiste and Anja M Geerts and Hans R Van Vlierberghe},
  journal={Acta gastro-enterologica Belgica},
  volume={70 2},
Hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) is found in 4-47% of patients with cirrhosis and is characterized by intrapulmonary vascular dilatations especially in the basal parts of the lung. Liver injury and/or portal hypertension trigger the release of endothelin-l, TNF-alpha, cytokines and mediate vascular shear stress and release of nitric oxide and carbon monoxide, all contributing to intrapulmonary vasodilation. Severe HPS increases mortality (30%) after liver transplantation, especially if Pa O2 is… CONTINUE READING