Hepatoprotective triterpenoids and lignans from the stems of Schisandra pubescens

  title={Hepatoprotective triterpenoids and lignans from the stems of Schisandra pubescens},
  author={Guo-wei Wang and Li-qing Deng and Youping Luo and Zhihua Liao and Min Chen},
  journal={Natural Product Research},
  pages={1855 - 1860}
Abstract One new triterpenoid (1) and 13 known compounds (2–14) were isolated from Schisandra pubescens stems. The structure of the new compound was established on the basis of 1D/2D NMR and HRESIMS spectroscopic analyses. The isolated compounds were evaluated for their hepatoprotective activities against D-GalN-induced cell injury in QSG7701 cells. Compounds 1, 13 and 14 at 10 μM showed hepatoprotective activities, with survival rates of 60.5, 50.4 and 48.9%, respectively. 

Triterpenoids and lignans from the stems of Schisandra glaucescens

Abstract Two new triterpenoids, 24(E)-3α,12α-dihydroxyl-lanost-9(11),24-dien-26-oid acid (1) and 3,4-seco-24(Z)-6α,7β-dihydroxyl-cycloart-4(28),24-dien-3,26-dioic-3-methyl ester (2), and ten known

Antileishmanial Activity of Lignans, Neolignans, and Other Plant Phenols.

In this chapter, the authors shed some light on the various biological activities of phenylpropanoid natural products, with the main focus being on their possible applications in the context of antileishmanial treatment.

Exploration of Hepatoprotective Potential and Phytochemicals of Ziziphus oxyphylla Edgew

  • Abdullah
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The Pakistan Veterinary Journal
  • 2020
Results show that Ziziphus oxyphylla roots extract possess antihepatotoxic activity mediated by the protection of anti-oxidant defense system and membrane-stabilizing activity, probably due to the presence of pentacyclic triterpenes.

Cytotoxicity of Schisandronic Acid from Kadsura coccinea by Activation of Caspase-3, Cleavage of poly-ADP Ribose Polymerase, and Reduction of Oxidative Stress

Schisandronic acid, a cycloartane triterpenoid, is a major cytotoxic compound from a medicinally important Chinese plant and was investigated for its antioxidant effects and shown reduced generation of reactive oxygen species.

Cinnamon extract supplementation improves inflammation and oxidative stress induced by acrylamide: An experimental animal study

It is suggested that cinnamon extract may potentially be effective as a dietary source of bioactive compounds for managing acrylamide intoxication.

Natural Products Research in China From 2015 to 2016

This review covers the literature published by chemists from China during the 2015–2016 on natural products with the emphasis on 730 new compounds with a novel skeleton or/and significant bioactivity, together with their source organism and country of origin.

Pentacyclic Triterpenoids with Nitrogen-Containing Heterocyclic Moiety, Privileged Hybrids in Anticancer Drug Discovery

A comprehensive review of recent advances of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic triterpenoids as potential therapeutic agents to assist medicinal chemists to understand new strategies that can result in the development of compounds with potential therapeutic efficacy.

Synthesis and antitumor activity of fluorouracil - oleanolic acid/ursolic acid/glycyrrhetinic acid conjugates.

Due to the obvious adverse effects of 5-fluorouracil that limit its clinical usefulness and considering the diverse biological activities of pentacyclic triterpenes, twelve pentacyclic

Hepatoprotective natural triterpenoids.



Five New Nortriterpenoids from the Stems of Schisandra neglecta

Five new nortriterpenoids, schicagenins D-F (1-3, resp.) and negleschidilactones A and B (4 and 5, resp.), together with eleven known ones, were isolated from the stems of Schisandra neglecta on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analyses.

Studies on the Chemical Constituents of Kadsura longipedunculata: Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Five New Lignans.

Five new dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans were isolated from the ethereal extract of roots and stems of KADSURA LONGIPEDUNCULATA Finet et Gagnep.

Cytotoxic and potential anticancer constituents from the stems of Schisandra pubescens

The isolation of 1–9 from S. pubescens and the cytotoxicities of 3–6 are first reported, indicating that compounds 2–6 and 8 could be the active principles responsible for the anticancer effects of S. pubs.

Kadcoccilactones A-J, triterpenoids from Kadsura coccinea.

This is the first report on nortriterpenoids (2, 4-6, 8-10) from the genus Kadsura, and the structures were elucidated by spectroscopic evidence and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis.

Kadsuphilactones A and B, two new triterpene dilactones from kadsuraphilippinensis.

Two novel triterpene dilactones, kadsuphilactones A and B, were isolated from the Taiwanese medicinal plant Kadsura philippinensis and exhibited in vitro anti-HBV activity with IC(50) values of 6 microg/mL by HBsAg enzyme immunoassay.

Bisnortriterpenoids possessing an 18-Nor-schiartane skeleton from Schisandra propinqua var. propinqua.

Six C (28) triterpenoids with an 18-nor-schiartane framework were isolated from the aerial parts of SCHISANDRA PROPINQUA var. PROPINQUA. The new compounds, propindilactones P-S ( 1- 4), were

[Studies on the chemical constituents of Schisandra pubescens].

The chemical constituents of Schisandra pubescens were isolated by silica gel, Prep-HPLC and Prep-TLC methods and their structures were elucidated by physical-chemical and spectroscopic methods.

Four Novel Nortriterpenoids Isolated from Schisandra henryi var. yunnanensis

Four novel nortriterpenoids, henridilactones A-D (1-4), members of a very rare highly oxidized cycloartane skeletal class with a biosynthetically modified eight-membered ring D, were isolated from

Nortriterpenoids from Schisandra wilsoniana

Three new highly oxygenated nortriterpenoids, wilsonianadilactones A-C (1-3), together with twelve known ones, i.e., 4-15, were isolated from the leaves and stems of Schisandra wilsoniana. Their

The constituents of Schizandra chinensis Baill. I. Isolation and structure determination of five new lignans, gomisin A, B, C, F and G, and the absolute structure of schizandrin.

Five new dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans were isolated from the petroleum ether extract of fruits of Schizandra chinensis BAILL and their absolute structures were elucidated by chemical and spectral techniques.