Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of Argyreia speciosa in rats.

  title={Hepatoprotective and antioxidant effects of Argyreia speciosa in rats.},
  author={Prasanna V Habbu and Regulagadda A Shastry and Kittappa Mariswamy Mahadevan and Hanumanthachar Joshi and Shymal Kumar Das},
  journal={African journal of traditional, complementary, and alternative medicines : AJTCAM},
  volume={5 2},
The present study has been designed to evaluate the liver protective and in-vivo antioxidant role of Ethanolic extract (EtAS) and Ethyl acetate extract (EAAS) of roots of Argyreia speciosa, an important 'rasayana' herb in Indian System of medicine, in CCl(4)-induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in rats. Animals were treated with EtAS and EAAS at doses of 200 mg and 400 mg/kg body weight p.o. along with CCl(4) (0.7 ml/kg in olive oil, 1:1 v/v i.p. on every alternate days) for seven days… CONTINUE READING