Hepatoprotective Activity of Quality Certificated Traditional Doenjang in Korea

  title={Hepatoprotective Activity of Quality Certificated Traditional Doenjang in Korea},
  author={So-lim Park and So-Young Lee and In-sun Kim and Seong-Il Lim and J. Song and S. Choi},
This study investigated the α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) inhibitory activity of traditional doenjang in Korea. Only the traditional doenjang of which quality was certificated in Korea was used in this study. The most significant marker for fibrolysis is the expression of α-SMA and when MEF cells were treated with extract of Kyongbuk doenjang, the α-SMA expression was suppressed 74%, Gangwon and Chunbuk doenjang were suppressed the α-SMA expression more than 60% compared with the control… Expand
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Mass spectrometry-based metabolomic study of traditional Doenjang effects against hepatic fibrosis
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