Hepatocyte-specific ablation of Foxa2 alters bile acid homeostasis and results in endoplasmic reticulum stress

  title={Hepatocyte-specific ablation of Foxa2 alters bile acid homeostasis and results in endoplasmic reticulum stress},
  author={Irina M Bochkis and Nir E Rubins and Peter White and Emma Elizabeth Furth and Joshua R Friedman and Klaus H. Kaestner},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
Production of bile by the liver is crucial for the absorption of lipophilic nutrients. Dysregulation of bile acid homeostasis can lead to cholestatic liver disease and endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. We show by global location analysis ('ChIP-on-chip') and cell type–specific gene ablation that the winged helix transcription factor Foxa2 is required for normal bile acid homeostasis. As suggested by the location analysis, deletion of Foxa2 in hepatocytes in mice using the Cre-lox system leads… CONTINUE READING
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