Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1β controls nephron tubular development.

  title={Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1β controls nephron tubular development.},
  author={Filippo Massa and Serge Garbay and Raymonde Bouvier and Y. Sugitani and Tetsuo Noda and M K Gubler and Laurence Heidet and Marco Pontoglio and Evelyne Fischer},
  volume={140 4},
Nephron morphogenesis is a complex process that generates blood-filtration units (glomeruli) connected to extremely long and patterned tubular structures. Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1β (HNF1β) is a divergent homeobox transcription factor that is expressed in kidney from the first steps of nephrogenesis. Mutations in HNF1B (OMIM #137920) are frequently found in patients with developmental renal pathologies, the mechanisms of which have not been completely elucidated. Here we show that… CONTINUE READING