Hepatocellular toxicity of clopidogrel: mechanisms and risk factors.

  title={Hepatocellular toxicity of clopidogrel: mechanisms and risk factors.},
  author={Anja Zahno and Jamal Bouitbir and Swarna Maseneni and Peter W. Lindinger and Karin Brecht and Stephan Kr{\"a}henb{\"u}hl},
  journal={Free radical biology & medicine},
Clopidogrel is a prodrug used widely as a platelet aggregation inhibitor. After intestinal absorption, approximately 90% is converted to inactive clopidogrel carboxylate and 10% via a two-step procedure to the active metabolite containing a mercapto group. Hepatotoxicity is a rare but potentially serious adverse reaction associated with clopidogrel. The aim of this study was to find out the mechanisms and susceptibility factors for clopidogrel-associated hepatotoxicity. In primary human… CONTINUE READING

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