Hepatocellular carcinoma with pleural metastasis complicated by hemothorax.

  title={Hepatocellular carcinoma with pleural metastasis complicated by hemothorax.},
  author={Hisato Takagi and Ryuya Shimoda and Masahiro Uehara and Hiroshi Takayama and Tatsuya Yamada and Tatsuya Ojima and Tsuyoshi Abe and Mikiji Mori and Kohsuke Takehara and K Suka and Tomoaki Nagamine and Susumu Yamasaki and Alan P Barber},
  journal={The American journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={91 9},
Hemothorax can be caused by rupture of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Hemoperitoneum is a well-known cause of death caused by rupture of a primary HCC lesion. Rupture of a HCC metastasis has not been adequately described. This is the first report of a HCC patient who died of hemothorax due to rupture of a pleural metastasis. The patient, a woman, died in respiratory failure 2 wk after rupture of her HCC metastasis in the pleura. Autopsy revealed moderately differentiated HCC in the liver, lung… CONTINUE READING