Hepatocellular carcinoma with metastasis to the pharynx: report of a case.

  title={Hepatocellular carcinoma with metastasis to the pharynx: report of a case.},
  author={Yasuhisa Oida and Masanori Ishii and Shoichi Dowaki and Kosuke Tobita and Yasuo Ohtani and Toshihide Imaizumi and Yoshiyuki Abe and Hitoshi Yamazaki and Masato Nakamura and Hiroyasu Makuuchi},
  journal={The Tokai journal of experimental and clinical medicine},
  volume={30 1},
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is rarely metastasized to the pharyngeal region. We report the case of a 59-year-old man admitted to our hospital with a complaint of hematemesis. An endoscopic examination revealed a tumor located in the left piriform sinus. Histological examination showed metastasis from HCC. Subsequent abdominal examinations demonstrated mild liver cirrhosis due to chronic HCV infection and primary nodules in the lateral segment of the liver. The pharyngeal tumor was completely… CONTINUE READING
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