Hepato-protective role of indigenous drug Liv-52 in lepromatous leprosy.

  title={Hepato-protective role of indigenous drug Liv-52 in lepromatous leprosy.},
  author={Pranesh Nigam and Surendra Dayal and Ram D. Mukhija and B M Goyal and Lalita Joshi},
  journal={Hansenologia internationalis},
  volume={7 1},
The present study incorporates a study of 42 cases of lepromatous leprosy for hepatic involvement and role of indigenous herbal preparation in protecting the liver in leprosy. Liver was enlarged in 32 cases which was tender in 8 patients. Alteration in liver function irrespective of extent and duration of the illness (3 months to 10 years with mean duration of illness = 2 years 5 months) was mainly seen as uniform elevation of serum proteins (6.2-9.2 gms%, mean = 7.5 gms%) with hypoalbuminaemia… CONTINUE READING