Hepatitis E virus superinfection in patients with chronic liver disease.

  title={Hepatitis E virus superinfection in patients with chronic liver disease.},
  author={S. S. Hamid and Muslim Atiq and Farooq Shehzad and Aneela Yasmeen and Tayyabun Nissa and Abdul Salam and Anwar Ali Siddiqui and Wasim Jafri},
  volume={36 2},
Infection with hepatitis A virus (HAV) can cause severe illness in adult patients with chronic liver disease (CLD) caused by hepatitis C. In endemic areas such as South Asia, however, most adult patients already have been exposed to HAV but could still be susceptible to hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection. We document that HEV superinfection in 4 of our CLD patients caused severe liver decompensation. We then determined the seroprevalence of HAV and HEV in 233 patients with stable CLD, with the… CONTINUE READING
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