Hepatitis C virus vaccines--progress and perspectives.

  title={Hepatitis C virus vaccines--progress and perspectives.},
  author={Catherine Fauvelle and Quentin Lepiller and Daniel Jeffery Felmlee and Isabel Fofana and François Habersetzer and Françoise Stoll-Keller and Thomas F Baumert and Samira Fafi-Kremer},
  journal={Microbial pathogenesis},
Approximately 170 million individuals, representing 3% of the global population, are infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV). Whereas strategies for antiviral therapies have markedly improved resulting in clinical licensing of direct-acting antivirals, the development of vaccines has been hampered by the high genetic variability of the virus as well as by the lack of suitable animal models for proof-of-concept studies. Nevertheless, there are several promising vaccine candidates in preclinical… CONTINUE READING
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