Hepatitis C antibody and chronic liver disease in haemophilia.

  title={Hepatitis C antibody and chronic liver disease in haemophilia.},
  author={Michael Makris and Francis E Preston and D. R. Triger and James C E Underwood and Q L Choo and G F Kuo and Michael Houghton},
  volume={335 8698},
A radioimmunoassay was used to detect antibodies to hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV) in 154 patients with haemophilia. Prevalence of anti-HCV was associated with exposure to clotting factor concentrates. 76 of 129 (59%) who had received factor VIII or IX had anti-HCV: 42 of 55 (76%) who required over 10,000 units of concentrate annually had anti-HCV, compared with 34 of 74 (46%) who required less, and 0 of 25 patients who had never received concentrates. Anti-HCV were significantly more common in… CONTINUE READING


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