Hepatitis C and liver fibrosis

  title={Hepatitis C and liver fibrosis},
  author={Detlef B Schuppan and Anja Krebs and Michael Bauer and Eckhart Georg Hahn},
  journal={Cell Death and Differentiation},
AbstractChronic hepatitis C progresses to cirrhosis within 20 years in an estimated 20–30% of patients, while running a relatively uneventful course in most others. Certain HCV proteins, such as core and NS5A, can induce derangement of lipid metabolism or alter signal transduction of infected hepatocytes which leads to the production of reactive oxygen radicals and profibrogenic mediators, in particular TGF-β1. TGF-β1 is the strongest known inducer of fibrogenesis in the effector cells of… CONTINUE READING