Hepatitis B virus genotypes and extrahepatic manifestations.

  title={Hepatitis B virus genotypes and extrahepatic manifestations.},
  author={Patrice Cacoub and David Saadoun and Marc Bourli{\`e}re and Hac{\`e}ne Khiri and Agn{\'e}s Martineau and Yves Benhamou and Marina Varastet and Stanislas Pol and Vincent Thibault and Michel Rotily and Philippe Halfon},
  journal={Journal of hepatology},
  volume={43 5},
BACKGROUND/AIMS This study aimed at correlating the presence of extrahepatic manifestations with hepatitis B virus (HBV) genotypes in patients with chronic HBV infection. METHODS This was a national (France), multicenter, retrospective, cross-sectional study. HBV genotypes were determined in 190 patients HBsAg-positive for at least 6 months and documented before any treatment. RESULTS Patients were aged 42+/-15 years and mainly male (77%). Alcohol intake was high in 6% of them, ALT elevated… CONTINUE READING