[Hepatitis B markers in paediatric patients (author's transl)].


372 children with suspected liver disease were examined for serum HBsAg. Six (three boys, three girls) were found to be positive (1.6%). Further studies of these patients for up to three and a half years revealed elimination of HBsAg in one case only. Biopsies were performed in five patients. Three showed mild chronic hepatitis (two chronic persistent… (More)


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@article{Sacher1979HepatitisBM, title={[Hepatitis B markers in paediatric patients (author's transl)].}, author={Micheal Sacher and Gunter Eder and Luca Bianchi and Fred G. Gudat and Heinrich Thaler}, journal={Wiener klinische Wochenschrift}, year={1979}, volume={91 21}, pages={722-6} }